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What is the hidden crisis?

The crisis invisible to the eye, the unseen war between a refugees present and history and their unacknowledged shattered mental health. Suicide. Adjustment disorder. PTSD. Sleep disorder. Psychosis. Somatoform disorder. Major Depression and disabling anxiety. The list is endless, and the number of restless souls are uncountable.

This event will explore the problems and potential solutions surrounding refugee mental health, examining the travesties and calamities many face. Focusing on the consequences of their traumatic journeys, with the raw truth revealed, it’s time we were anchors for our troubled brothers and sisters.

Unique professionals are promised, with uncensored experiences shared, exclusive spoken word and active solutions offered. Every speaker and performer is closely related to refugee’s in some way. Whether through rigorous research, honourable charity or dedicated aid - we want you to leave with several, impactful stories which all of our speakers have authored, and the motivation to start your own chapter.

You are part of the answer to the hidden refugee crisis. So join us, to empathise, to recognise and respond. Let Migrating Minds inspire you to make a difference in the lives of many across the world.

Refreshments, and dinner will be provided alongside a charity bake sale. There will also be various different stalls available which will be open before, during the break and after the event.

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Meet the lineup for the day

Dr Mustafa Alachkar

Consultant psychiatrist and medical psychotherapist. Dr Alachkar qualified in medicine from the University of Aleppo in Syria before leaving to the UK in 2005 to specialise in psychiatry and psychotherapy. He has recently completed a Masters in psychological trauma and his research has been on resilience in Syrian refugees in the UK and the role of religion or faith in resilience.

Leyla Habebti

Leyla is the spokesperson for Inspirited Minds, a humanitarian and a survivor. Her journey through life has been a daily battle where she has self-taught to conquer each day. Leyla has given aid to many war torn countries, regularly visits Calais and has recently returned from Bosnia to understand the aftermath of victims from the war. She is in an activist for many things, from mental health, to politics and has a wealth of experience with refugees.

Mizan The Poet

Mizan pursued a career in the community sector as an activist and a community worker. He volunteered with charities in the UK such as Stop the War Coalition and Muslim Youth Helpline, as well as working for the Islamic Human Rights Commission, all dealing with extremism, youth work and political campaigning. His poetry contains aspects of social, religious and political commentary inspired by real life experiences. In his poems, he speaks from the victim's or perpetrator's point of view or about his own inspirational experiences. His most recent piece has been a big success, which has been recognised by local councils and schools was around honour killings: Death before Dishonour, #EndHonourKillings

Sultanah Parvin

An activist for over 20 years. Heavily involved in activities affecting muslim women from a range of issues including laws to social ills. She is a regular on Islam Channels womens programme and also part of an online platform looking at colour and faith entitled #spokenwordmovement. She is a mother of 3 children and currently studying to become a teacher.

Jamilla Hekmoun

Jamilla is a PR officer at Inspirited Minds and a Masters student studying Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. After being diagnosed with anxiety and depression, she is keen on improving the understanding of mental health conditions within Muslim communities. Jamilla has visited countries afflicted with crisis in order to support and provide aid, and has recently returned from Jordan.

Farah Mohammoud

Farah is a passionate social entrepreneur, with over five years experience of training people, managing volunteers and turning a social action campaign into a social enterprise. At You Press, Farah‘s team main activities involve training and developing young people’s talents through the creative arts and writing. In the past Farah has been on a self-development journey to make him an effective leader for You Press and his community. This journey ranges from many international trainings and local scholarships. In 2012 Farah successfully completed a Post Graduate Diploma (FHEQ Level 7) in Law & Community Leadership at SOAS University and was awarded a Distinction grade.

Neimo Askar

Neimo Askar is a published poet who explores identity crisis, womanhood and conflict in her poetry. Neimo Askar is part of the unheard poets collective.

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Baksh



A survivor who fled from Syria, to Greece, to Calai, Macedonia and finally England. Abdur Rahman has faced extreme lack of basic human rights, many near to death experiences, and witnessed harrowing scenes - Abdur Rahman will be sharing his gripping story on the night, beginning to end.

Adel Chowdhury (Host)

Adel has a strong background in the third sector, and is passionate about community development, education and mental health awareness. He is currently involved in projects such as Muslim Mental Health and the Muslim Refugee Action Group looking at galvanising the community to address the current crisis at both local and national levels.


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